Alliance workshop Maresme - Barcelona

Live an unforgettable experience:
Create alliances together for the happiest day of your life.

Who is the partnership workshop for?

The workshop is for all those who want to live a unique experience: share and participate in the process of designing and creating their personalized alliances.


Alliances are a symbol of union, of an infinite bond.


Celebrate love and always carry it with you.


There are moments in life that are special, unrepeatable.


An experience that does not leave you indifferent.

Personalized alliances

lingots després de fondre or i plata aliances personalitzades taller boda

Alliances workshop creation process


We design the model and take measurements

Do you have a clear idea? Would you rather be inspired?
The first step is to decide how you want your alliances to be. Fine, thick, organic, smooth … the options are endless. And we will measure to make it fit your finger perfectly.


We melt the noble metal

We work with sterling silver and 18k gold, from the smelting of the raw material one or two ingots, will come out, according to your preferences.

Do you have gold at home? We offer you the possibility of recycling it and turning it into the alliances that you have dreamed of so much.

We work the alliance

Here you will feel like jewelers experts, working your alliances. Participating in this process transforms the perception of the object, turning it into an indelible memory.


We finish the piece: polish and polish

Final touch to get the alliances that you have dreamed of so much and that will accompany you all your life.

Grams of silver and gold
Shared workshop minutes


The price of the workshop is 490 euros per couple.

you can pay by card, bank transfer or cash.

We also  offer you the option of making the payment in installments *.

* Contact us to know the conditions:

The price includes the experience of creating your personalized wedding rings. You will have our dedication and the space exclusively throughout the day, approximately 4 hours.

The workshop includes the sterling silver wedding rings.

We will offer you hot and cold drinks, as well as a snack.

A special case is also included to store the alliances and the engraving of the names and / or the date of both.

If you want one or both 18k gold alliances, the weight used will be counted and the price of this metal must be paid. The design and size of the alliance can greatly vary the weight of these. Normally, the cost of 18k gold in an alliance ranges between 200 and 400 euros. Alternatively, you can bring gold from home and we will melt it to make your alliances.

The price does not include stones, baths or special engravings.


The workshop is located in the center of Mataró, Maresme. Located on the mediterranean coast just 30 km from Barcelona and 5 minutes from the public transport.

We have parking in case you come by car.

Camí Fondo, 11
08301 Mataró

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Book the workshop

Do you want to live this unforgettable experience together?
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* To activate the reservation we will not ask for a credit card. To make the payment we will contact you.


Everything you ask yourself you will find here.

If the material you choose is silver, the cost of the alliances is included in the price of the workshop.

In case one or both want gold or precious stones, the material will be accounted for separately. Thus, the total cost would be the price of the workshop plus the sum of material used.

The price of gold is fluctuating. Approximately each gram of 18k gold is priced at € 40. Thus, depending on the design and size chosen, the cost of the material used will vary widely. The most common is that the 18k gold cost of each finished alliance ranges between € 100 and € 300.

We also offer you the possibility of taking gold from home, pieces that you do not wear and want to recycle. We will melt the material and use it to create your wedding rings.

We are in the center of Mataró, 30km from Barcelona.

We have parking in the same workshop, because if you want to come by car, parking will not be a problem.

If you choose to travel by public transport from the capital, you can arrive by train (R1) or direct bus (e11.1 / e11.2).

This experience is a special and unforgettable gift, you will surely love it. Get in contact with us and we’ll talk 🙂

At the end of the workshop, the alliances will be almost ready. All you need to do is engrave them, finish polishing it and, if you wish, add a shiny one.

It is for this reason that you will not take them home, we will finish them and you can pick them up within 10 working days.

The desire!

No need to bring anything special. Better comfortable clothes and hair (long) collected. The workshop is designed so that you can enjoy the experience without worrying about anything else.

Of course! The workshop is a experience to share, ,any occasion is good to celebrate love. Contacta con nosotros and let´s talk!